By Friends of Oxleas Woodlands, May 21 2018 08:00AM

Some of you may know that Oxleas Woodlands has a population of hedgehogs - though we are afraid they are declining in numbers - as hedgehogs are nationally.

Hedgehogs need our help, especially now as they are giving birth to their hoglets around this time of the year.

IF YOU WALK YOUR DOG IN THE WOODS, please either keep it on a lead or at least keep your eye on what it is doing to make sure that it doesn't hunt down or attack any hedgehogs. Hedgehog injuries from dog attacks are increasing.

Secondly, please consider making a gap in your garden fence or gate to allow the hedgehogs to access your garden for slugs AND PLEASE, don't use slug pellets: they are possibly one of the biggest causes of the decline in our hedgehog population.

If you are worried about a hedgehog, call the Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890 801.

By Friends of Oxleas Woodlands, Apr 17 2018 01:58PM

If you are walking along the upper path in Jack Wood (between Rose Cottage and the Jack Wood rose garden) you will notice some new holly barriers (or dead-hedging) blocking some of the footpaths which lead off from the main path. These have been installed by the Shooters Hill Woods Working Party, to try and discourage people from wandering off of the main paths in Jack Wood.

Why do we do this?

It is important to remember that the Oxleas Woodlands are designated as a Nature Reserve. It is primarily an area reserved for plants and wildlife, who need undisturbed habitat in which to live and reproduce. Unfortunately one of the greatest threats to wildlife habitat comes from human disturbance.

This is particularly a problem for a sub-urban woodland like Oxleas, where housing, and roads surround it on every side, and where human access to the woods is uncontrolled.

Research has shown that the impact of disturbance from human activity has a negative effect on wildlife that can extends 50 metres into the habitat either from the woodland edge or from any footpath through the woods.

It is easy to see, therefore, that as more and more footpaths are cut into the woodland, the area of viable habitat for wildlife shrinks. This is a process known as fragmentation.

Research by Littlemore and Barker (The ecological response of forest ground flora and soils to experimental trampling in British Urban woodlands. 2003), found that oak woodlands are particularly susceptible to ‘trampling’ by walkers, and the effect is made even more pronounced by dogs, as they rarely keep to the footpaths. The result is a gradual diminution of, for example, bird species, and the loss of woodland plants.

So, in order to try and encourage people to keep to the main paths and give our wildlife a chance, several of the footpaths have been blocked. We really want people to be able to enjoy the woodlands and immerse themselves in its wonderful environment. But we also want it to survive into the future.

So please help us and the woods by trying to keep to the main footpaths as much as possible.

By Friends of Oxleas Woodlands, Jan 26 2018 10:10AM

Despite an appalling weather forecast, a fantastic eighteen Friends turned out to help clear litter from the Welling Way edge of Oxleas Wood on Saturday.

We collected 27 sacks of rubbish, a broken full-length mirror which had obviously been dumped in the woods by a delivery van after they had dropped it (as it was still wrapped in plastic); at least one Xmas tree; three heaps of leylandii cuttings, a feather duvet (disintegrating); a seat cushion (not disintegrating);

and a safe with accompanying jewellery boxes - all empty! (The police were notified but didn't seem particularly interested!)

The general view was that the exercise was surprisingly satisfying - and we are hugely greatful to everyone for turning out. The Welling Way edge of the wood now looks a lot less uncared-for.

We are now planning another clearnace in February,

Fly tipping  in the woodland edge near Welling Way, January 2018
Fly tipping in the woodland edge near Welling Way, January 2018

By Friends of Oxleas Woodlands, Nov 30 2017 02:24PM

Denise P - could you contact us again. The email we have for you doesn't seem to be correct.

By Friends of Oxleas Woodlands, Nov 30 2017 12:09PM

The Woodland Trust have an important campaign under way to try and pursuade the Government to bring in protection for Ancient Woodland, which is under serious threat. As you will know, this also applies to Oxleas Woodland, which Natural England have signalled as being under Serious Threat.

You can sign the Woodland Trust petition and find out more here...:

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