We have decided that it is appropriate to draw attention to certain campaigns that relate to the conservation of woodland in Britain, so if you go to our Facebook page, you will see that we are drawing attention to two issues that are currently causing concern and about which individuals have launched petitions.


The first relates to a deal the government are apparently trying to do with a private equity company that wants to acquire large areas of forest in the UK to build luxury chalet parks, regardless of the environmental importance of those areas or of the opinion of local people.


The second issue relates to Network Rail's appalling destruction of millions of trees along the railway tracks in the UK.  Their argument is that falling leaves cause delays and that mature trees have a tendency to fall and obstruct lines.  However, the vegetation along the railway lines constitutes an increasingly important habitat corridor for wildlife, and the plan to fell trees rather than manage them in a manner acceptable to good conservation practice, is unacceptable. If you feel you can support the petitions against both moves, please go to the Facebook page or the following links: